SAVIA Consult Impex SRL is ready to work with public and private health facilities in terms of:
  • Develop concepts of medical projects;
  • Budgeting medical projects;
  • Proposing solutions and ways of financing;
  • Final Drafting;
  • Implementation of own developed healthcare projects or those of third parties, in all phases of execution;
  • Provision of medical equipment;

Medical projects, where our expertise is useful to potential recipients, fits into the following categories:

  • new medical unit (turnkey projects) regardless of destination, size and complexity of the medical unit;
  • advanced medical equipment of existing health units;
  • redevelopment and re-endowment of existing medical units.

SAVIA Consult Impex SRL, both directly and in partnership with companies from Romania and the EU, can develop and propose the most effective solutions to achieve their own medical projects as well as those developed by third parties, in terms of technical, cost efficiency and deadlines.

Through its staff, SAVIA ensures with promptitude and professionalism, all potential partners the best consultancy services in the medical field, no matter what field, specialty, size or stage of the medical project.

Costs of collaboration with us are minimal fully justified by the results of implementing the proposed solutions SAVIA.